Steven veerapen

Christopher Marlowe Spy Thriller Series

The Queen’s Gold

‘A gripping tale of treasure and skulduggery with fine period detail – a welcome and intriguing addition to Elizabethan spy fiction.’ John Pilkington, author of The Ruffler's Child

England, 1585.

The Sparrowhawk, one of Drake's lost treasure ships, is found wrecked in Devon. Rumours spread through England of its booty, including a mysterious treasure: El Sol Dorado.

Thomas Lewgar, the resentful roommate of aspiring playwright Christopher Marlowe, hears of the rumours. He discovers, too, that the boastful Marlowe is engaged in a web of espionage.

Intrigued and repelled by the irreverent Marlowe, Lewgar joins the poet in seeking the lost treasure. If they can find it, they will be richly rewarded by queen and court.

But they are not the only ones hunting the prize.

A crooked courtier, Henry Howton, has also heard the rumours. In the secret employ of the Spanish, he hopes to find the treasure himself - and he will stop at nothing to get his hands on it.

Racing their Spanish-backed enemy and his dangerous associates, Lewgar and Marlowe must discover the strange history of the ghostly wreck. Their journey will lead them into the rotting carcass of the Sparrowhawk, into the presence of sea-dogs Francis Drake and Walter Raleigh, and through the ravaged home of spiritualist Dr John Dee.

Betrayal, falsehood, and deceit lie in wait.

Can they discover the lost treasure and unravel the mystery of El Sol Dorada before the Spanish?

The Queen’s Jewel

‘A gripping tale of treasure and skulduggery with fine period detail – a welcome and intriguing addition to Elizabethan spy fiction.’ John Pilkington, author of The Ruffler's Child

London, 1587.

In the wake of Mary Queen of Scots’s execution, England’s capital rejoices at Queen Elizabeth’s escape from assassination.

But all is far from well. Cambridge scholar Thomas Lewgar tracks down his friend, the renegade playwright Cristopher ‘Kit’ Marlowe.

Absenting himself yet again from University, Marlowe claims to be engaged on government business - seeking out Catholic plotters.

He has in fact uncovered a new plot: a cabal of Catholics plan on using the Queen’s Jewel to support a Spanish invasion.

But Lewgar is far from convinced.

hat is the Queen’s Jewel?

And who is the strange young man being moved around England, and said by the Catholics to represent the second coming of Arthur?

In a mission that takes them through playhouses and spies’ dens, to Queen Elizabeth’s court and through secretive country estates, they discover that some knowledge can be deadly…

Pitted against rival spymasters - and forced to confront Queen Elizabeth’s darkest secrets - Marlowe and Lewgar must uncover the truth of the Queen’s Jewel before they are imperilled too.

The Queen’s Fire

'A gripping tale of murder, deceit and espionage against the backdrop of the Spanish Armada.' R.N. Morris, author of The Crimson Child

Summer, 1588

As Philip II’s Grand Armada sails, Elizabeth’s England waits and watches.

In a tense and fearful London, the show must go on. Christopher “Kit” Marlowe is celebrating the success of his first play when a face from his past reappears.

His old friend Thomas Lewgar convinces Marlowe to rejoin Sir Francis Walsingham’s secret service. With the Armada at sea, rumours abound of spies and plots. Yet Lewgar has secrets of his own…

As the pair chase down reports of rogue Spanish agents in Devon and Cornwall, they uncover a murderous plot, code-named The Queen’s Fire. But is London in danger, or Elizabeth herself?

As war rages at sea, Lewgar and Marlowe come face to face with a scheme bigger than either could have imagined, and a mysterious killer who will stop at nothing in the pursuit of Spanish victory.